Friday, 28 June 2013

Still folding

This week has been all about folding...we are still folding and still loving it because the folded packs always look so,so pretty and very,very tempting.

We always have our "Dear Jane" packs in the shop but since the "Dear Jane" exhibition earlier this year we have had lots of customers taking the plunge and starting to make a Dear Jane quilt so we need a steady supply of "Dear Jane" packs at the ready in darks, medium and light shades. Megan selected gorgeous combinations for these packs so we folded and folded...and don't they look pretty.

Next on our folding list are we have our jewel coloured fabrics piled up ready to make heaps & heaps of  delicious muffins...lots for the shop and lots for the July show....many hands make light work....thank goodness for Sammy, always there to lend a paw..except when he is caught snoozing on the job.

I will just have 40 one will notice
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,hope you all have lots of chocolate and lots of sewing time.


  1. Poor Sammy is just worn out from all that folding - it is a big responsibility you know :)

  2. ohhh..these are realley nice packs..!!!
    and nice pictures of Sammy..;0)
    Have a nice weekend!!!!