Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tree of Life....And...Tree of Life.

We are getting ready for the arrival of some truly fabulous treasures.  Just imagine the fun we are all going to have once we get our hands on these beautiful fabrics...this is just a tempting little sticky beak so we can all get ready for their arrival.
From Petra Prins, Nel Koomen and Di Ford comes this stunning Tree of Life Panel, with accompanying fabrics. What can we say, this panel is a must have and our fingers are already itching at the thought of its arrival.

And are you sitting down because this stunner is also due to hit our shores soon..Mary Koval's Tree of Life Panel and fabric range are on their way....we can't tell you the exact price or arrival date yet but we can tell you that this breathtaking panel is 50" by 90" and as you can see, is another absolute must have.

The pictures say it all and the only words we need use are the usual...stunning ,beautiful, gorgeous fantastic, etc etc.....we cannot wait for the arrival of both of these amazing panels....if you love these panels as much as we do you can call or email us at the shop and pre order....that way there will be panels with your name on them the very second they arrive.

As you, we are all absorbed in hexy fun at the shop right now....all this hexagon fun started because we are making our projects to share with you at our Spring Fling in October...but we think the hexagon madness is getting out of control now...with these two sets of hexagon templates at the ready, we can make hexagons in any size that our hearts desire.  The large hexagon set has 6 templates from 5 1/2"  up to 8" and is $28.50 and the small set has 9 template pieces from 1" to 5" for $22.00.

Well, we only had one rainy day yesterday and it is muddy paws again for Sammy....guess he had to do something to amuse himself while we were all inside drooling over photos of stunning Tree of Life Panels and playing with our hexagon templates.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Todays Blog is Brought to you by Kurt.

We have all gone a little bit hexagon crazy at Threadbear at the moment and we are all playing with this great lazer cut mini hexagon set.

The window makes them perfect for fussy cutting and gives an instant seam allowance.  We are all getting our projects ready for our Spring Fling, and have been having a heap of fun playing with this template set....it is $17.50 for the set and it is guaranteed to give hours of fussy cutting fun.

At the moment we have the most beautiful range of handmade greeting cards in the shop....if you need a really wonderful card for a special occasion for any of your sewing friends then take a look at these cards...they are so pretty and so beautifully made.

They are $11.50 each and if you can't bare to part with them imagine how pretty they would look framed and hanging in the sewing room.

Just take a look at what Kurt has been up to now...Kurt has just delivered this gorgeous little side table to the shop....just perfect to sit beside a favourite sewing chair.

And as if that is not enough to make us want one of Kurt's stunning one off pieces....now he is really tempting us with this splendid quilt hanger....is there anyone who wouldn't love one of these at home.

Kurt makes these quilt hangers to order and he is always in the shop on weekends if you would like to speak to him about having one made to your own measurements.

And this is what happens when Kurt steps out of the shop for a while...Sammy's face says it all....where is my Dad.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and just remember what the weekend is all about...sew,sew, sew.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hexagons and Lillies for Spring

For our fabric fix this week we have "Autumn Lily" by Blackbird Designs for Moda.   It is always cause for excitement when a Moda delivery arrives...we know before we even open the box that we are in for delicious colours and gorgeous prints....and here they are.

This range is absolutely full of amazing prints and fantastic background prints...with plenty for lovers of fussy cutting so get your scissors ready.  We have tempting packs of the full range available comprising 27 Fat Eighths and 5 Fat Quarters ..$111.00  Check out our website here to order or phone us here at the shop.

Now, just look at all this fussy cutting.  We are all cooking up some new projects to share at our " Spring Fling".....12 hours of sewing bliss, planned for Saturday October 25th....and this is just a delicious sneak peak at what Megan is planning for us.....look at all this hexy goodness.

 Zanny could not help herself, her fingers were twitching with delight as we looked at these beautiful little hexagons....now all we have to do is sit back and wait to see what Megan is making with all that prettiness.

We want to send a big thank you to Zanny for today's show and tell....Zanny has been making a cot quilt for her newest grandchild.  This absolutely beautiful little quilt is all hand pieced and hand quilted by Zanny and is guaranteed to be an heirloom...what a beautiful quilt for that lucky little baby.

Corliss, Megan and Annabelle would like to send a special thank you to Jenny Daniels for the wonderful surprise we received in today's mail...thank you Jenny, what a treat to receive your parcel...we absolutly love them.....and chocolates too...you sure know the way to our hearts.

It is not officially spring yet but we have been lucky to have some really beautiful warm sunny days....and you know what good weather means....frisbee time for Sammy.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Spring Fabrics.....Because it is Nearly Spring.

As you know, we always dive into the cardboard boxes that arrive with our new fabrics...well, the sun is out and the days are warmer and as we opened up our deliveries yesterday we found fabrics just perfect for our spring mood.
"Secrets and Shadows" by Nancy Gere was first out of the box. This range is full of rich colour...it is a beautiful range, featuring one stunning signiture print and 19 small floral prints...with some leafy vines and paisleys as well...great colours and some rich creams.....if you would like to celebrate the arrival of better weather you can have an 1/8 pack with all 20 prints for $60.00.

And now, just feast your eyes on this absolutely stunning collection.  "Melodies" is the latest collection from Jo Morton and, oh my goodness, it is simply beautiful...there are 18 small prints in this range and they are gorgeous....if you can't decide on which prints you like the most we have pretty pretty 1/8 packs of all 18 for $54.00 .  Click here to order what you need  from our website.

As this photo proves, it is not all sitting around on chairs looking cute for Sammy.

This morning Sammy has been playing outside and just look at those dirty paws.....Megan is explaining to Sammy why he can't come into the classroom with paws in that state, and you can tell by the look on Sammy's face that he is not happy with the decision.
Have a great weekend everyone, hope we all get lots and lots of stitching time.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A Cup of Tea and. New Magazine

Yes, two new editions of Japan's famous  "Patchwork Tsushin" arrived yesterday.  There is always lots to enjoy in these magazines.  We received issues no 180 and no. 181.  They are both full of their popular combination of amazing quilts and lots of really lovely bags and small projects.  Issue no.180 has quilts using pretty florals, and some quirky toys and bags to make.

 No.181 if full of projects using solid colours and modern colours....with some really pretty little bags and purses thrown in too.

The magazines are $35.00 each and you can phone or email if you would like one.

If you are searching for the perfect blender for a project, well then have a look at this very very handy range from Molly B Basics....we received 26 of these great blenders in a range of fantastic colours...sometimes it is so hard to find just the right blender but these will definitely help in the search. They are $23.50 mt. and you can order them on our website here.

It is a beautiful sunny day in Castlemaine today...just a tiny taste of spring and enough to get us excited about the good weather just around the corner...if you are thinking of celebrating all things Spring, don't forget to join us for our Spring Fling, twelve wonderful hours of sewing, snacking, chatting and laughing...planned for October the 25th...we still have places left so come along and join the fun. Call us at the shop if you would like to book a place.

We have decided to treat ourselves to something lovely from the cake shop for morning tea...Sammy has taken up his position by the door so he will know exactly when those cakes arrive...he has to be ready in case any crumbs should fall.