Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Holiday romance heats up

Well, for any one that has been wondering how Sammy is getting on you only have to look at this photo to see that he is in fine form and we need not worry about him enjoying his holiday..he is spending a bit of time on the sofa with his best girl Meg, relaxing and snoozing, exactly what we are meant to do on holiday..
Sammy loves Meg
And then after a bit of a snooze there is time for a few games with the boys..as you can see it looks like the perfect holiday.
Follow me boys

Corliss's beautiful Civil War Bride quilt hangs in the shop at Threadbear, close to our counter where we can see it and we never tire of looking at this stunning quilt.
We enjoy looking at it every day, but we did have some extra fun this week when Bernie and Joy came for a visit...well, they came to visit the Civil War Bride quilt really, to check out all the gorgeous colours in the quilt, and to stock up on supplies.
Bernie and Joy have got together to make a Civil War Bride quilt and when they finish the quilt they plan to raffle it for charity. It is always such great fun to get together with a friend each week for some sewing, as Bernie and Joy have been doing, but so generous to be doing all that beautiful stitching with others in mind.
They showed us the blocks they have completed so far and they are beautiful..We had great fun talking to them both about their blocks, and their plans for the quilt when it is finished.  They plan to come back to see us in a month or so with some more finished blocks so there will be more photos to enjoy.

We all get excited over beautiful fabric but most of us don't usually get too worked up over backing fabrics...
But this backing fabric, delivered today.....well, how gorgeous is it.  This is a wide width backing from the Wintergreen range, $33.00 mt...108" wide and it is an absolute stunner, so pretty and a really beautiful soft quality too...it is so beautiful that it almost makes you want to finish some quilts..good grief, did we say that.

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