Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sewing at 10000 feet

While Sammy is living it up at his holiday resort with his new love interest,  Corliss and Kurt have been enjoying a long overdue break from Threadbear to catch up with family in the States.  And for Corliss, that also means finally some time to sew... in the plane.
 Meantime, I have also been making progress with my new quilt, so, between us,  hopefully, that means we'll have two new quilts for Threadbear's stand at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair in July.
 Finally, a gorgeous old photo of a drapers shop which Kurt sent us.   It bears a feint resemblance to Threadbear's shop front don't you think - with some imagination,... if you squint a bit, ...and ignore the tree trunk through the verandah, ...and the horse and buggy..... 
  We're looking forward to having everyone back home in Castlemaine safe and sound after a great holiday... with pleanty of holiday stories and adventures to share ...especially Sammy!

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