Friday, 7 June 2013

Greetings on a winters day

Inspired by the beautiful old photo Kurt sent us of a drapers store from somewhere back through the mists of time, we are sending you our greetings from Threadbear.  We tried to recreate the scene with more accuracy but we could not find a horse and buggy anywhere on such short notice.
A long weekend ahead means an extra day of sewing and the weather is cold & grey, just perfect for sitting indoors and sewing.
Friday is the day to gather together all your sewing supplies by the comfiest chair in the house..hopefully close to a fire..all at the ready for a lovely weekend of sewing.  Don't forget that weekend sewing supplies include chocolate, red and white wine, take away menus, and more chocolate.
And if you do need any fabric we have a nice cozy fire keeping the shop warm and Megan will be right by the door ready to welcome you to per photo. We're open as usual throughout the Queen's Birthday long weekend ~ Saturday 10-4pm, Sunday and Monday 11am-4pm.
Happy long weekend everyone.

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