Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thank you to Di Ford

Welcome.  Book signing here today
We just want to start by sending our great & heartfelt thanks to Di Ford for all the hard work and energy she put in to make the day so happy and special for so many of us on Saturday.  It was a pretty frantic day for Di, first the long drive to reach us so early on Saturday morning, then a beautiful talk about her book "Primarily Quilts" to all at our CAG meeting & then off to the shop in the afternoon to sign copies of her book
Our class room was set up for Di to sign her book and it was a great afternoon for everyone that popped in to meet Di, and have a chat...she must have almost incurred a repetition strain injury with all the books she has signed over the past few weeks. A big thanks to Wendy Blyth for loaning us some of the many quilts she has made from Di's patterns.

Sammy was sitting with Di all afternoon so not only did everyone get a beautiful signed copy of the book but also a handshake or pat from Sammy.

And a special hello to Dianne that came all the way from Brisbane for the day, it was great to meet you and your friends.
And, of course, thank you to everyone who attended CAG or came into the shop on Saturday and made it such a fabulous, happy day.

Once again we promised great photos of show and tell from our CAG meeting and once again we were so busy that we haven't any photos as evidence of a great day, but the photos of Di's book signing will be enough to show you that a good time was had by of show and tell...well maybe next time (promise).

We had another great book delivered to the store this week, a must have for all lovers of quilt history.  This book, titled "Layers", is published by the Chester County Historical Society, and tells the story of quilts and quilters from Chester County.

It is an interesting read and full of great photos, too ~ this book was recommended to us by Margaret McDonald so you know it is a must for the collection.

We had a good time in the  shop today with a group ladies from Western Australia, who came in to visit was lovely having them in the shop and hearing about all their projects.

Every couple of days we have a good look around Kurt and Sammy's shop in case any new goodies
have appeared, and look what we found...Kurt thinks this would make a great display cabinet for special favourites from the fabric stash and we agree with him...seems if we are not buying something lovely for our stash we are looking for things to store it in.

And just a quick show and tell from Kristen at our Tuesday sit and for sharing
Kristen..absolutely stunning .

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