Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Greetings to All

Greetings to all from Sammy and a special greeting from Sammy to Natasha and her Mum.  Natasha visits us from Sydney a couple of times a year but on the day she came to Threadbear, Sammy was out and about with Kurt and missed out on cuddles and pats. 
Another 3 fabric deliveries this week to get excited about. First was "European Taupes", by Kinkame and made in Japan. If you admire the work of Yoko Saito and other amazing Japanese designers you will be reminded of their beautiful little projects when you look at this collection of floral taupes and small prints in soft complementary colours. We have 13 from this range and they are sure to inspire.

Then came these beautiful toiles, and what can you say about toiles....other than you can never have too many....these two are from Robyn Pandolph's latest range, "Incense and Peppermints". We have a light ivory and a deeper beige and they are soft and very pretty indeed.

Next is Sienna from Windham Fabrics.  Quite a big range, 12 in total, with only one signature print in a great soft brown.  There are lots of blenders in a handy range of colours, and best of all, a really great check in three colour ways.
Three huge cheers and a really big thank you to Jude for showing us her quilt and for letting us take a photo for show and tell. Jude came into Threadbear to find a binding for this absolutely SENSATIONAL quilt,...Jude, it is beautiful and all those tiny hexagons makes you an inspiration to us all.
And then, guess what, the next shipment of Di Fords book, "Primarily Quilts", that we were expecting in mid May has arrived...that means we have plenty in stock if anyone has been waiting for a copy...and plenty of mail orders to send out for those of you on our waiting list.  Sammy is here to lend us a hand, he is wagging his tail because that looks like a lot of walks to the post office...he will be happy to help.


  1. those fabrics are so yummy! can you tell me how much a metre they are (European Taupes) as they aren't on the website yet.
    thanks Julz

  2. Hi Julz, thanks for your comment...and yes, they are very yummy fabrics. They are $21.50 mt & they should be on our website later today.