Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Sammy's big day

Well, we have lots and lots of photos to show you this week.  We are all still on a bit of a high after having such a FANTASTIC day at Appliqué School on Saturday.
Teachers, Margaret McDonald and Wendy Whellum
Di Ford
Margaret McDonald
Robyn Falloon
Sammy is completely tuckered out after his big weekend.  He was busy all day Saturday with so many of his sewing friends to meet and greet...he loved the many pats from our visitors & was ready to sit down for a coffee & a chat, and even a bit of tourism advice for those customers visiting from out of town.
Morning tea
Thank you to everyone that joined us at appliqué school and helped to make it such a happy day, especially to many of you who travelled a long way to join us...we had class mates from far and wide including Tasmania, South Australia & NSW.
free tourist advice
And a huge thank you to our four amazing teachers for all their inspiration & hard work in helping to make the day run so smoothly...each of our teachers generously brought some of their quilts for us to display on the day. All were absolutely stunning...& so exciting to see some close up, that we have seen before in magazines & books.
Margaret McDonald
Robyn Falloon
The day began for most with a quick visit to the shop, and then off to school, ready for the first lesson at 10.00.  Every one agreed that the time just flew by and when morning tea was announced no one  wanted to put their lessons down or stop what they were doing.
There were plenty of yummy biscuits for morning tea then back to work for the second class...then lunch break and the two remaining classes and more scrummy biscuits for afternoon tea.  Last lesson ended way too quickly and with heads full of new skills and techniques it was back to the shop for some last minute supplies. A lot of fabric buying took place after school, almost essential to take home a little bit more gorgeous fabric to try out all the new tricks learned in class...i am sure many of us remember racing off to the corner shop on the way home from school for a bag of mixed lollies...well same thing really, but fabric is not fattening and doesn't rot your teeth.

No rest for Sammy though, he was busy again the next day as he joined in the Sunday "sit and sew" for a bit of appliqué and a chat with friends.

serious applique disscussion
And no rest for us as we put the excitement of a wonderful weekend behind us and start to prepare for next Saturday's meeting of the Castlemaine Appliqué Group (CAG)...we are expecting another great as we host the long awaited launch of Di Fords fabulous book"Primarily Quilts".  We are all thrilled to have Di on hand to sign copies of her book in store on Saturday 13 April from 1pm-2.30pm.  .  This launch day has been on our calendar for months now & it was way back in July 2012 that we started our list for pre ordered copies of Di's book.   All the pre ordered copies from our first shipment have now been sold and many of you will be bringing your copies with you for Di to sign on the day.  As we mentioned before we are taking names again to reserve copies from our next shipment, but boy....is that list growing quickly, so get your name down soon, because if you haven't got a copy and you catch a glimpse of a friend's copy you will be green with envy & kick yourself  for missing out!
 We have also just found out that we have secured a few extra copies for sale on the day, not very many, but if you are lucky enough to get one of these Di will be ready to sign it for you here at Threadbear.  As you can imagine it is going to be another great day, and hopefully there will be some show and tell for you to see next week.
That means another big Saturday ahead for Sammy, time to catch up on some sleep.


  1. What a fabulous day....meticulous organization, very happy students and as one of the teachers, can't wait for the next one!Congratulations Corliss, Megan,Annabelle and of course ,Sammy.

  2. Your day sounds wonderful, no wonder Sammy was exhausted. Wish I could have been there with you, Virginia Enright

  3. Well we wish you were here too! xxx

  4. Thank you Corliss, Annabelle, Megan for the most wonderful day. It was great to finally meet you all and I know I had the best time. Definitely well worth the drive over from South Oz. :)
    Everything was great.

  5. Might I just add... Wow! Some of those quilts are absolutely stunning - all those hours involved. So very impressive. Bet it was fun too:)