Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Can't get enough purple

A fabric fix for us all today, just delivered to the shop in time for some blog pics is Mary Koval's newest range "Rebecca".
If anyone is leaving comments on our blog please feel free to suggest some new adjectives for us to use when new fabric ranges arrive because once again..look at this great range...is all we can say about Mary Koval's "Rebecca".
This range is full of fantastic colour and several highly sought after purples, gorgeous little florals, handy blenders and a couple of lovely signature prints...We have 1/8th packs of this range cut and ready to go, it is so pretty and a tiny bit of all the fabrics in this range would be a lovely treat and a perfect addition to the stash.
If you have a  needle turn appliqué project on the go and you don't have an Aquawash pen in your sewing basket, well get yourself one immediately because it will make life so much easier.

When filled with Best Press spray starch this pen is at the ready for a quick paint around your seam allowances and when pressed over a Mylar template you will have perfect crisp shapes to sew around..absolute bliss for borders or blocks with a gazillion leaves or circles.
Our thanks go to Joan for this amazing, inspirational show and tell.  Joan drove to Threadbear from Kyneton to get a backing for this sensational quilt top and we are so glad she brought the top with her so we all have the opportunity to see it.  Joan has made this quilt using Margaret McDonald's pattern, "Persistence", and she has created a truly beautiful quilt...look at all those tiny little pieces and all those perfect joins....and start taking your vitamins everyone because Joan in now in her 90's and we hope that we are all making quilts this amazing well into our futures.
Sammy has a busy day today and has no time at all to sit with us for a chat and a pat...he is off out with Kurt doing the deliveries.  A dog's work is never done.

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