Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Quilts .. Quilts .. Quilts!

Oldies but Goodies ... today we are showcasing some of our quilt patterns ~ all original designs available through our website.  We hope you enjoy these pics of some of our work.

original design by Megan Carroll
   Worthing Downs by Megan Carroll ~ a stunning appliqued centre surrounded by pieced and appliqued blocks.
made by Corliss Searcey
  The Caswell Quilt by Corliss Searcey ~ for lovers of applique ~ inspired by the famous Caswell Carpet   c1835.
Applique and hexagons by Megan
    The Mary Stubbs Quilt by Megan ~ another original for those who love hexagons and fussy cutting.
Hand Piecing and Applique by Corliss
    Beamish Scrapbag by Corliss ~ a little applique and lots of hand piecing.  Perfect for using  your stash.
More hexagons from Megan but many of these are pieced!
   Miss Matty's Parlour by Megan ~ lots more hexagons & fussy cutting.
Stunning use of colour by Margaret McDonald
    Persistence by Margaret McDonald ~ playing with colour and many small squares.
More applique by Corliss
    Civil War Bride by Corliss ~ flowers and leaves and more ~ inspired by the Bird of Paradise quilt top circa 1860.
Is it a duck or a platypus or what?
And Sam is trying to stay cool with his Christmas prezzie from Annabelle {while it's still in one piece!}. 

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