Friday, 20 February 2015

Gorgeous Things Today.

A new Judie Rothermel range arrived yesterday......"Shirts and Ties" is a small range but Judie Rothermel always delivers on great fabrics and these are a collection of classic shirtings with just a few pops of colour thrown in...all small prints and wonderful shirtings.

This is a great collection of really handy fabrics for the stash....they are $24.00 mt. and if you like them, the 1/8 pack has all 16 for $48.00.  We can never have too many gorgeous shirtings....right!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to Joy for once again sharing more of her simply amazing work. 

If you have seen Joy's quilts on the blog before you will know she has a real talent for using colour and her scrappy quilts are always stunning...Wow...thanks for the inspiration Joy, your work makes us want to sew, sew, sew.

Now....just look at this wonderful piece of Kurt's furniture that has appeared in the shop...isn't it a stunner.

If you had a collection of pretty things this would be the perfect cabinet to display them in, but all we can think of  is how good it would look in our sewing rooms with all our precious vintage haby and our favourite pretty fabrics....we all want it.

We are expecting another hot day today but Sammy has arrived for work full of enthusiasm.....he has a chair with his name on it right in front of the air con.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend everyone....and hope you all get to do lots of lovely sewing.

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