Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Great Day was had by all!

Di Ford Hall always gives us the best of days and Saturday was no exception when we gathered to stitch on her gorgeous quilt, 'Mountmellick'.  This was her Mystery Quilt offered last year through the Quilt Mania magazine.  Now finished as a BOM it is offered as a complete pattern so no one misses out on it.  Some of the girls had already made a good start and others were concentrating of their quilt centre.
Di gives a 'hands on' lesson in Broderie Perse
Sonia's gorgeous golden centre
Dianne's choice of centre fabrics.
Michelle decided on applique instead of Broderie Perse.

Whose lovely borders were these?  Sorry ~ I don't know.
A lovely quilt at Show & Tell . . .
Lyn's original design
And how lucky were we to see the start of a new quilt for Di's next book through Quilt Mania.  This one is called Pendle Hill and the best news is that we've booked a class on it with Di for July 4th!  The class will be for this stunning centre and it's first border ~ then we'll all have to wait until the publication of her new book for the rest of the quilt.  What a head start that will give us.  Call us to sign up now!
Pendle Hill with Di Ford Hall class July 4th
New in stock from Matilida's Own are these great templates  ~ so very useful ~ all in 1/2" increments.
Ovals ~ nine pieces from 2" - 6"
Hearts ~ nine pieces from 1" - 5"
Pentagons ~ nine pieces from 1" - 5"

 Summer?  Sammy thinks it's been a little chilly. But we've told him more warm weather is on the way.

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