Friday, 2 August 2013


We are back to freezing cold days in castlemaine this week, but why complain when it is the perfect weather for being inside for a sit and sew.  It has been a great day at Threadbear today with visitors a plenty...this evening we will have our 6.00 to midnight group coming for a great night of sewing, chatting, laughing and chocolate eating with a lovely meal to share, and today we have had a visit from the fabulous V8s..

The V8s are fantastic group of stitching friends from Melbourne who booked our classroom for a day of sewing fun. The V8s came to Castlemaine by train and after sewing for a while in the morning went off to a local cafe for lunch and then back to Threadbear for more sewing...can you think of any nicer way to spend a day.

New fabric for today is this pretty one off print...such a pretty fabric, gorgeous colours and lots of happy Edwardian ladies smiling and twirling their umbrellas.

Also new in the shop this week are these cute as cute tins. They are the perfect size to fit in a sewing box or carry bag and they are big enough to hold a couple of threads and some needles and a small pair of scissors....or even a 30cm piece or a fat 1/4 for a gift...but really, the best thing about them is that they are so darn cute.

Sammy knows the only thing to do on cold days is find the nearest quilt and snooze, but he has woken up because he wants to say...."Have a great weekend everyone".

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  1. I enjoy reading your news and wait with bated breath for the next instalment in Sammy's adventures.