Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Too many bags are never enough.

Well look what we have now....we have just got over the excitement of Di Ford's gorgeous "Phebe" bags and now we have these great "Dear Jane" bags as well...but you know the rule...you can never have too many bags.  If you are one of the many "Janiacs" out there, or if you just love pretty things, well you will surely love these bags....contact us by phone or email if you would like one, they are $10.00 each

We are always excited about something here at Threadbear and this week we are getting ready for our next  CAG (Castlemaine Appliqué Group) meeting, this coming Saturday, August 10th.  We always look forward to CAG, it is a great day of fun and inspiration...it brings friends together from far and wide and everyone leaves full of inspiration from a day spent sewing together, sharing ideas, and enjoying the amazing show and tell.  We always book out early for CAG but this month we are thinking of adding a few extra chairs so if you are free on Saturday and you would like to join us, just email us or phone us at the shop and come for a sit and sew, yummy sandwiches and the best show and tell around..it is $15.00 for the day, with lunch provided.

Sammy looks forward to CAG more than anyone else, it is a huge day for him as he gets to welcome so many of his friends to the shop..he likes to catch up on all the news...and is very happy to receive all those extra pats.
And in breaking news, the sheep dog trials came to Threadbear this week as Sammy broke his way through the fence and ran next door to play with Lamby....and he came back with very muddy paws indeed.
Sammy's escape route


  1. LOL look at that face!such innocence!

  2. 'sew'Christine Book.7 August 2013 at 12:51

    Am 'sew' sad that I live 'sew' far away from your beautiful shop would love to come to the fabulous applique day...will be thinking of you all having 'sew' much fun !Regards...Christine Book.