Friday, 16 August 2013

Hooray, Hooray..Spring Is On The Way.

The sun is shining, the jonquils are out and we are in a spring mood in the shop today...

Is it because we still have little Lamby baaahhhing at us from next door, or maybe because our deliveries this week have all been so pretty.

If you want celebrate the countdown to spring with us well take a look at this fabric.

 It is soft and floral, and oh so pretty.

Antique Rose, Floral Collection is from Lecien, so it is beautiful quality fabric with soft backgrounds and a beautiful depth of colour that you always find in Lecien fabrics.

We also have new patterns from Robyn Falloon of Bon Bon Designs, and they will surely put you in the mood for some spring sewing...they are all absolutely gorgeous.

These four new patterns include some applique and some piecing so there is something for everyone, and they will all be on our website next week..but we couldnt resist a sneak peak.

Maybe Lamby is baahhhing so much because he has lost his playmate...the escape route through the fence has been blocked and  Sammy is back in the shop, chatting to customers and helping us. 

Someone has blocked the hole in my fence
Have a wonderful weekend...hope everyone gets lots and lots of lovely sewing done.

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