Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sammy smells beautiful.

Fragrant and fluffy
Sammy is showered, shampooed and has returned to the shop smelling beautiful, so all is well with the world.
Back at work
As we have said before we are always at the ready to dive into newly delivered boxes so we showed no restraint when Kurt delivered boxes to his shop brimming with possibilities.
And look what was in theses boxes...aren't they beautiful!
Are there any china experts amongst our customers, Kurt is looking for some clues as to the origin of this vase.  Kurt says it has a salt glaze, is either English or Australian and has no makers mark but is marked underneath with the number 717.  If anyone has anything similar or can help to identify it Kurt would love to hear from you here at the shop. And let's hope it is good news, we don't really want to hear that it came from Woolworths and cost $2.55.
It is fantastic when customers bring in some show and tell to share, and even better if they agree to a photo for the blog...wow, Corliss's Civil War Bride, finished and fresh from the quilter to show us..congratulations K.P. it is beautiful and thank you for bringing it in to show us. Think it may be an inspiration to all of us with unfinished projects.
Finished and quilted
Delivered this week so far...Wickerweave from Andover Fabrics. This fabric is going to be such a handy fabric, it has lovely soft linen weave print and comes in a range of soft pretty colours.  So versatile, this fabric will be great for backgrounds or blenders and is already walking out the door.

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