Friday, 8 March 2013

Fabrics in and Wasps out

It's all about the fabric today.

Party of twelve
Party of twelve
We have Judy Rothermel's new range, Party of Twelve. It is a huge range,36 pieces in total so it really required some shelf shuffling.  It is on our web site if you would like to have a closer look at all those great classic Judy Rothermel patterns & colours.

Tavern Reds
Tavern Reds by Paul Barnes arrived at the same time, 13 in this range, in rich chocolates and deep reds, also on the web site if you would like a closer look.

And five more of the prettiest blenders from the Americana Collection.

We have an addition to our Aurifil threads with some new 50 weight colours in a larger size,1300 mts, a handy size to have in your sewing basket in the colours you use the most.
Yuwa florals
and more
Last but not least we received a special order of gorgeous Yuwa fabrics. There are 15 soft and pretty romantic florals, all at the sale price of $24.00 metre. We more beautiful Japanese floral fabrics on order expected mid-year but these 15 will certainly have us wanting more.
The last of the Fabric Club mail out
Hoorah  to all the fabric club members..your next mail out is on its way.  We got our fabrics cut, packed and ready to send in double quick time today with the help of Megan's son Jack. Jack popped in for a visit at just the right time to join us for a bit of voluntary work experience.
Lucky lucky Jack
We can't end the week without a HUGE thank you to our hero Kurt, who saved us all from certain peril when he dropped everything and raced down to the shop to clear a European wasp's nest we found at the rear of the shop.  Megan was viciously attacked by the evil little creatures and stung 6 times so we have been saved from further injury by Kurt's brave efforts.
Wasp fighting equipment

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  1. I miss Threadbear!
    It's great to be able to read the news... and watch Sam's coat grow after his haircut.
    Say hello to everyone.
    Elli xx (still stitching in England)