Friday, 1 March 2013

Busy weekend at Threadbear

We are heading into a busy weekend in the shop,starting with Margaret McDonald's class,Railway Crossing,on Saturday. Eight ladies are in for a fantastic day as they start their Railway
Crossing quilts with Margaret's help and guidance and we are all looking forward to seeing some of the results as they progress...and  maybe some photos for our blog.
Margaret McDonald  Railroad Crossing
Our regular Sewline delivery arrived this week with some new products included ,so of course we had to dive in and trial the new pens and needle threader they sent us. We are already in love with the Sewline needle threader and recommend it as the best needle threader available..and now Sewline have added a second to their range made for larger needles,size 4-8. If you like using a larger needle this is for you,and like the one we already use,for needles size 9-12, it will take all the stress and swear words out of needle threading and make sewing days even more fun.
Highly recommended
There are two new pens, a fine tip quick drying permanent marker great for drawing on template plastic & Mylar sheets as it won't smudge or wear away.....and a great fine liner designed for marking light fabrics,it leaves a fine pale blue line & is water erasable.

We received a lovely big box of blenders today, New Traditions, 28 in total, ranging from lights with small shirting prints right though to deep browns & greys....they are lovely prints and colours and are sure to prove handy in the search for that perfect blender.

We also received three fabrics from the Vintage Rose range ...a beautiful dusty blue blender and two absolutely beautiful tiny floral stripes,one dusty pink & one in blue....Megan loves these stripes so that is a great recommendation.

Well thank goodness it is cooler today and it is a Friday so we are celebrating by eating chocolate..and plenty of it..and we encourage you to do the same. Just when we were worried sick that our chocolate supply may run out before the end of the day we received this lovely gift from a grateful customer .Thank you Elaine..yum..chocolate and an easy way to thread needles, what could be better than that.


  1. Love the quilt in the back ground, do you have the pattern.
    Cheers Keri Walton.x

  2. Hi Kerri...the quilt you mentioned in the background of the photo was offered as a class and we don't have the patterns for sale.