Friday, 29 January 2016

Fabric Beauties!

The arrival of boxes and boxes of fabric last week kept us all busy and now they are looking so so pretty on our shelves.  First up is Coryn with its drop-dead-gorgeous feature floral print and supporting prints in aqua, garnet, plum, and buttermilk.  There are endless possibilities with these fabrics from the most traditional to the most contemporary quilt, with bold and subtle colours and prints.
#1 Coryn $23.50

#2 Coryn $23.50

#3 Coryn

#4 Coryn
Next up is Chamberlain ~ Civil War by Nancy Gere.  These are beautiful prints in the very traditional mix of burgundy/red, beep blue, tan, cream, purple, and teal.  Choose from large and small prints, serpentine stripes and small background prints.  Something for everyone!
#1 Chamberlain ~ Civil War $23.50m

#2 Chamberlain ~ Civil War $23.50m

#3 Chamberlain ~ Civil War $23.50m

 #4 Chamberlain ~ Civil War $23.50m
Sammy has been laying low all week ~ he is not a fan of the humid weather we've been having because it makes his fur frizz.  Yes, Sam, I share your pain.  Best thing to do - wait it out on a cosy couch, bed, or table!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Just beautiful fabrics!!! So pretty!! And of course, Sammy is just as sweet looking as ever!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful fabrics!
    I have ordered and received the pattern for the Caswell Quilt and the
    Fabric Starter pack, too, and would like to say that Threadbear has the best customer service ever!!
    I surely will order again!
    Best wishes!