Thursday, 7 January 2016

A great start to a bright shiny new year!

Happy New Year Everyone and welcome back!.  After a fabulous couple of weeks break, we opened again on Monday we hit the ground running as we welcomed  lots of happy customers through the doors, including the delivery man with boxes of new fabric. What a perfect start to 2016!
The Sampler 1870-1890 by Windham Fabrics offers us 22 beautiful fabrics which work together brilliantly.  They are all in tiny finely detailed prints in a combination of geometric and dotted squggly bits (yes, that is a technical term) .  You'll find 7 light cream shirtings, 7 medium reds, and 7 medium yellowish greens.  All are equally useful for piecing or applique. 
#1 The Sampler 1870-1890 $23.50m

#2 The Sampler 1870-1890 $23.50m

#3 The Sampler 1870-1890 $23.50m
Also new in our shop window this week is this beauty, meticulously restored and reinvented by Kurt.  This brilliant old ice chest makes an excellent storage cupboard for quilts, fabrics, linen, or just about anything.  Plus, it's a useful surface on top to display all kinds of treasures.  If you'd like to put this charming old ice chest to good use at your place, phone us at Threadbear on 54721881 for details.

Beautiful addition to any sewing room - phone for details
Christmas may have come and gone in a flash, but Sam enjoyed every bit of it.  He can sniff out a Christmas present from 50 metres and made quick work of unwrapping his, and everyone else's gifts on Christmas day.  Today, he is back on duty at the shop and has left his new squeaky duck at home. Have a great weekend everyone!

Cjhristmas is hard work for some!

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