Friday, 7 August 2015

Cloverdale House is HERE ~ nearly!

I know we've been saying it for ages ~ but Di Ford-Hall's first fabric collection ~ Cloverdale House is really, truly in the truck on it's way!  We expect it to come through our front door on about Tuesday next week.  Earlier than expected.  YAY!!  If you've already placed your order we will be getting it in the post to you by the end of next week.  How exciting ~ we are absolutely thrilled for Di and congratulate her on a very beautiful collection.  Better yet, she is currently working on her second range ~ sure too be a stunner as well.

Don't you just love a bit of tea dyeing?  Looking at these two fabrics on the shelf they looked just a little too bright for our collection.  Sure enough ~ a few dips in the tea did the trick!  What do you think?

We always love seeing finished quilts come through the door.  Kirsty brought her gorgeous version of Di's 'Oh Dear Mrs.Tompkins' {aka The Burnt Quilt} in to select some binding.  Lucky us.
Stunning, Kirsty.  Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes Sam just has to wait too long to be let in . . . .  Wishing you all a great weekend, staying cozy as you stitch.
Promise I'll be really good if you let me in!

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  1. I truly love the fabrics you post on this blog and Di Ford's upcoming fabric line is 'to die for'! But as I scroll through your post (drooling and 'oohing and aahing' over each picture) I then get to Sammy's picture and I just crack up and laugh out loud! I love the caption on this one. You guys are just hysterical!!! ;o)))