Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tree of Life....And...Tree of Life.

We are getting ready for the arrival of some truly fabulous treasures.  Just imagine the fun we are all going to have once we get our hands on these beautiful fabrics...this is just a tempting little sticky beak so we can all get ready for their arrival.
From Petra Prins, Nel Koomen and Di Ford comes this stunning Tree of Life Panel, with accompanying fabrics. What can we say, this panel is a must have and our fingers are already itching at the thought of its arrival.

And are you sitting down because this stunner is also due to hit our shores soon..Mary Koval's Tree of Life Panel and fabric range are on their way....we can't tell you the exact price or arrival date yet but we can tell you that this breathtaking panel is 50" by 90" and as you can see, is another absolute must have.

The pictures say it all and the only words we need use are the usual...stunning ,beautiful, gorgeous fantastic, etc etc.....we cannot wait for the arrival of both of these amazing panels....if you love these panels as much as we do you can call or email us at the shop and pre order....that way there will be panels with your name on them the very second they arrive.

As you, we are all absorbed in hexy fun at the shop right now....all this hexagon fun started because we are making our projects to share with you at our Spring Fling in October...but we think the hexagon madness is getting out of control now...with these two sets of hexagon templates at the ready, we can make hexagons in any size that our hearts desire.  The large hexagon set has 6 templates from 5 1/2"  up to 8" and is $28.50 and the small set has 9 template pieces from 1" to 5" for $22.00.

Well, we only had one rainy day yesterday and it is muddy paws again for Sammy....guess he had to do something to amuse himself while we were all inside drooling over photos of stunning Tree of Life Panels and playing with our hexagon templates.

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