Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fussy Cut Your Way Through Spring.

It seems that it is not just a myth...with the arrival of some gorgeous sunny spring days we were indeed inspired to get stuck in and have a bit of a spring clean in the shop...not really a hard task for us as it just means playing with lots and lots of lovely fabrics as we spruce up our shelves.
We thought we would share some of our favourites, pulled off the shelves as we tidied, and as we repeated, many times..."ooooh, I love this fabric!"
Megan has the most amazing eye when it comes to fussy cutting and it is great to have her share her ideas for berries, stunning bird wings and butterflies....well it is spring. You might say we are easily distracted....the tidying did get done but there was time for a bit of fussy cutting fun as well.....if only all spring cleaning was this much fun.

Kurt has been very busy with customers, all loving his wonderful quilt stands. we all want one of these great stands for our favorite quilts, and this happy customer drove all the way from South Australia to collect hers...

Sammy is showing off his new hair cut after a trip to the hairdresser this week, for his new spring style...very handsome Sammy.


  1. Who makes fabric 1, 2, and 3? Also the name. They are fabulous. Do,you ship to US? Thanks

  2. ....and happy to say the beautiful quilt stand is now back home in SA and looking fantastic displaying a couple of my treasured antique quilts! Love it!

  3. The fussy cut butterflies are AMAZING! Hello beautiful Sammy ������

  4. Wonderful fussy cutting! I've never done fussy cutting before but your pictures really expand my ideas when looking at fabric - Thanks so much for your pictures!! And I'm with Frog Quilter as well - could you let us know who makes these fabrics? I live in the United States as well. Thank you!!! P.S. Love Sammie's new 'do'.