Tuesday, 9 July 2013

What is in those boxes???

More boxes arrived today...Civil War Miniatures, History Repeated and Blue Variety are the three ranges buried deep in these boxes.  They will all be on the website in the next few days, but by the look on Megan's face there is going to be plenty in those boxes to tempt us.

Now...are you sitting down....because here is another one of those absolutely stunning fabrics to look at..last week it was those lovely little bees and now...will you just look at these gorgeous birds.

They come to us in the range "Birdsong", by Jo Morton and Kathy Hall.  We have 26 beautiful fabrics, with blenders, checks and stripes, flowers and feathers, all in blues, blacks, browns and pink....and the two stunning signature prints..birds, birds, birds.

We are sending a huge thank you to Rachel for this beautiful show and tell today...Rachel attended Megan's 19th Century Scrapbasket class a few weeks ago, and has been working away on her hand piecing with stunning results.

We look forward to following Rachel's progress as she makes this beautiful quilt.
Megan will have her finished quilt for all to see at the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair, July  25th to the 28th, along with a beautiful new quilt from Corliss, a new quilt from Margaret McDonald and yet another new quilt from Megan...we are so looking forward to catching up with every one at the show and there will be plenty of lovely new things for you all to look at.

We are knee deep in lots and lots of beautiful fabrics, still preparing for our trip to the July show, and Sammy's work days seem to be forming a bit of a pattern...
sit and help us as we do some folding...

and then grab a quilt and have a snooze...well, it is cold outside.


  1. OMG,
    is that the pattern Megan will be releasing after the quilt show?

    It is too exquisite, and those fabrics ! I love em.

    So much yumminess in here, got to go applique something