Tuesday, 16 July 2013

BIG BIG Range.

We could almost have a "No Words Wednesday" blog post today...except it is only Tuesday.
We really only need lots and lots of photos to show you this huge range, "History Repeated" from Windham fabrics.

We have 61 different prints from this range and they are in light and dark browns, soft navy ivory and the most beautiful smokey teals.
 The colours work so beautifully together, but each and everyone of these prints are all gorgeous and all of them are just begging to be used...pale backgrounds, great stripes so tempting for fussy cutting and small borders, and great all over florals and geometrics.
You can see swatches of the whole range on our website, all, or just one or two of these prints will be such a handy addition to the stash...but really.. you will just want them all.

We have been so lucky in the past few weeks because we have had some really inspirational show and tell..and it is always great to have a good old sticky beak at what other people have been up to.
Thanks for today go to Jenny and Sheila.

Jenny made this quilt as a wedding gift for her daughter...that is such a special gift and we bet her daughter will just love it.

And wow....Sheila has finished her "Civil War Bride".  Sheila came into Threadbear for wadding and backing.  Sheila thought we may want to wait till her top was all quilted and bound before we took a photo, but we couldn't wait...we will just take another photo when it is quilted, because it is so beautiful.

Now..if you have not yet decided to make the trip to the Melbourne Craft and Quilt Fair, well let us tell you...you have to come and join us there.  Today at Threadbear there have been so many beautiful fabrics packed into boxes, ready to take to the show.
We have been having such a great time selecting all the fabric you will see at the show,
and we also have four new quilts for you to enjoy...you won't want to miss out on all that fun. 
Kurt has to help Sammy with his fabric selections because he is only little and he cant reach the top shelves.


  1. Always look forward to your new patterns Corliss sorry I can't be there but will waiting for you to post them on the website.

  2. With Big Daddy Kurt helping, Sammy's fabric selection will be spot on!
    See you at the show! Cheers, Felicity