Friday, 9 September 2016

Courtyard in Spring!

New to Threadbear this week are these stunning border prints and paisleys from Courtyard by 3 Sisters for Moda.  We have the border print in three colours ~ soft latte brown, light goldy-tan, and faded vintage pink (or as Di Ford calls it, Granny's Undies pink).  With 6 repeats across the width of the fabric, this print will make a fantastic final border or suit a strippy quilt.  And like we always say, when you see a great border fabric that you love, buy it because they never last long. We also chose the paisley print in gold-tan and latte brown ~ perfect for fussy cutting.

#1 Courtyard $26.50m
#2 Courtyard $26.50m
#3 Courtyard $26.50m
#4 Courtyard $26.50m
Spring has sprung here in Castlemaine ~ the flowers are blooming in the courtyard, the bees are buzzing, and the spring rains have arrived. With the change of season, we got the urge to freshen up the shop and move fabrics around to make room on our shelves for new arrivals. After two days of moving almost every bolt in the shop, we have swapped and changed things around and the shop is looking fabulous.

 There are three important things a Spoodle needs in his life - food, snoozes, and plenty of pats.  We all know Sam gets plenty of snoozes, but this week he was particularly peckish and dinner just couldn't come around quickly enough.  So,  he took to snoozing next to his dinner bowl.

As for pats and attention - well Sam was just a little miffed to see that Poppy would be closing today's blog.  Yes our little alpaca baby, Poppy, is now 4 months old and has begun her halter training which is kind of like Alpaca Pre-School!  Her fleece is spectacularly soft and she is of course the most clever Alpaca you'd ever hope to meet - and the cutest!  Have a great weekend everyone.

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