Thursday, 10 December 2015

Christmas cherries and more new fabrics!

With Christmas just around the corner, how appropriate it was to receive some beautiful red fabrics from French General, all in tiny little prints.  We chose just 18 from the "Petite Prints Deux" range in rouge, faded red, oyster, and indigo.  The faded red is quite spectacular with its strong pink undertone.  These really are a beautiful addition to any stash. 
#1 Petite Prints Deux $24.50m

#2 Petite Prints Deux $24.50m

#3 Petite Prints Deux $24.50m

#4 Petite Prints Deux $24.50m

#5 Petite Prints Deux $24.50m
 Just a reminder too that we close for Christmas on Saturday 19th December, so there are still 9 more Threadbear shopping days for this year.   Here in Castlemaine, Christmas is often quite a hot day and one of the many Christmas treats we enjoy are the mid season cherries!  Well Sam is certainly no exception.  He figures that Kurt just grows the cherries for him to pick and eat (pips and all) whenever it takes his fancy.  Now if only someone would lower those branches!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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