Tuesday, 21 July 2015

It's been a busy week at Threadbear

Grab your cup of tea or coffee and settle in - we have lots to show you today.  New on the shelves is Catherine by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics.  There are 27 in the range in a tempting mix of matchbox blue, sage green, pumpkin, mustard, chestnut and faded brick-red.  The prints are gorgeous and the 5 background fabrics are walking out the door.   A fat eighth packs of the entire collection is available at $84.00.
Catherine by Jo Morton - $23.50 a metre
Now we know lots and lots of us use the Karisma pencil with a green, pink, white or yellow lead for marking around our templates.  And we also know that many of us have several pencils so we can swap between coloured leads.  So it makes sense that the Karisma people now have the 3 in 1 pencil with three coloured leads in one handy pencil.  It comes standard with grey, white and pink leads. But you can  refill with any three Karisma colours you use most.
From the Threadbear Vault - well, really that means from under the table in the shed - we found a bolt of  brown Victorian Rose feature floral and look how well it sits with the collection of Penelope fabrics.
Victorian Rose by Mary Koval  $24.00 metre ~ far left.
Words and script are always a popular choice for background prints and we have another new Quiltgate fabric for you to consider for a new project - or just to add to your stash.  In soft latte and coffee brown on ivory, this is a useful classic. 
Penny Rose Classics also arrived this week, 6 in all, and $23.00m.  The 3 "ticking" prints in green, red, and blue team beautifully with our shelves of spots and dots.

More Penny Rose Classics
And with so much happening at Threadbear since our last blog post, and so many visitors to the shop to meet and greet, poor Sammy has been run off his feet.  He has been spotted much of the time leaning against the back door trying to keep his eyes open and just waiting for knock off time to get home for well earned sleep. Have a great week everyone.

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