Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fun for All.

We don't know what to tell you about our Spring Fling except to say that we all had the most wonderful day and our thanks go out to everyone that attended and helped make it such a fantastic day...
We talked and laughed all day...and even managed to get a little bit of sewing done as well.

We had some amazing table decorations, the winners of the best table decoration were the ladies that brought us a table full of spring birdies....but all the decorated tables we wonderful.

The best part of the day were the visits from Molly and Myrtle Stewart who had quizzes for us on all the domestic issues a good 1960s housewife needed to know and some questions for those of us that done care for domestic skills at all.....Thank You Molly and Myrtle, you made our day.

Thank You also to all our lovely helpers on Saturday that made sure that everything ran smoothly.
We hope that every one enjoyed the Spring Fling as much as we did.
We celebrated Kurt's Birthday by singing a very loud and totally in tune "Happy Birthday" and Kurt made us some of his famous Angel Food birthday cakes for a dessert treat.

It wouldn't be a fabulous sewing day with out some amazing show and tell and we had a succession of amazing quilts to enjoy....too many for us to show all of them but here are just a few to share.Our thanks to everyone that brought along their show and tell....it inspires us all.

Now, take a deep breath and look at this fantastic border print delivered yesterday....my goodness, just think of all the things we are going to be able to do with this great print.

 "Mill Works" by Nancy Rink comes with this fabulous border print and a range full of great small prints in coordinating colours..it is $23.50 a mt and these delicious fat 1/8 packs of all 19 are $57.00

Sammy worked hard in the shop while we were having such a great time on Saturday but he did make a guest appearance at our Spring Fling...he was chatting to friends from his van window while Kurt made his Birthday Cake delivery and he loved all the pats he received.

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  1. You must have had a lot of fun! I wish they had something like that over here in Germany. I just love to follow your blog Birgitt