Friday, 22 August 2014

Spring Fabrics.....Because it is Nearly Spring.

As you know, we always dive into the cardboard boxes that arrive with our new fabrics...well, the sun is out and the days are warmer and as we opened up our deliveries yesterday we found fabrics just perfect for our spring mood.
"Secrets and Shadows" by Nancy Gere was first out of the box. This range is full of rich is a beautiful range, featuring one stunning signiture print and 19 small floral prints...with some leafy vines and paisleys as well...great colours and some rich creams.....if you would like to celebrate the arrival of better weather you can have an 1/8 pack with all 20 prints for $60.00.

And now, just feast your eyes on this absolutely stunning collection.  "Melodies" is the latest collection from Jo Morton and, oh my goodness, it is simply beautiful...there are 18 small prints in this range and they are gorgeous....if you can't decide on which prints you like the most we have pretty pretty 1/8 packs of all 18 for $54.00 .  Click here to order what you need  from our website.

As this photo proves, it is not all sitting around on chairs looking cute for Sammy.

This morning Sammy has been playing outside and just look at those dirty paws.....Megan is explaining to Sammy why he can't come into the classroom with paws in that state, and you can tell by the look on Sammy's face that he is not happy with the decision.
Have a great weekend everyone, hope we all get lots and lots of stitching time.

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