Friday, 7 March 2014


We have extra bolts of  a couple of favorites from a few weeks ago...these two prints from "First Ladies" by Nancy Gere sold out quick smart because they are such pretty fabrics but now we have an extra bolt of each.

We also have extra bolts of these two fabrics....a little bit goes a long way with these two fabrics but if you are ever searching for petals, leaves and birds wings and tails these are handy ones to have in the stash.

Just one more Quiltmania book to look at today.  "Mothers Dream Friends" by Reiko Kato is just as cute as can be.

If you love Reiko Kato well you will already know how adorable her work is and if you just like darn cute  little projects you will also love this book.  It is full of cushions, gorgeous little purses and beautiful appliqué.

This time next week we will be beside ourselves with excitment...only one week now until all the excitement of our quilt exhibition..surely there isn't anyone left that dosnt know that Saturday March 15th and Sunday March 16th will find us all at the Market Building in Castlemaine, surrounded by a huge collection of stunning quilts.....and it goes without saying that we just can't wait to see EVERYONE over the weekend...can you imagine the fun we are all going to have.

We have  another tiny sneak peak....this time we have taken a sneaky snap of  Corliss's new quilt...and that is another reason to look forward to next weekend....Wow, how good will it be to see more of this amazing quilt.

Just a reminder that Threadbear will be open on Saturday and Sunday this weekend but we will be closed this Monday for the public holiday. 

Sammy is sending his best wishes for a great long you can see by his big toothy smile he is looking forward to a fun weekend.  Have a great weekend everyone and we hope you all get lots of sewing time.

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