Friday 12 December 2014

Hollywood Comes to Threadbear.

Castlemaine was recently chosen as the location for many of the scenes being filmed for the upcoming ABC mini series "Glitch" to be screened in 2015....imagine how excited we all were when Threadbear was chosen as one of the on Wednesday Threadbear was transformed from fabric store into a gentleman's country outfitters....out with the fabrics and in with the R.M.Williams men's wear...there were cameras and lights and much excitement.

 We all look forward to seeing the shop take a starring role when the series goes to air next year.....there was only one oversight on the part of the producers....Sammy was on the spot to take a starring role but was completely overlooked.

Now......this new range "Prairie Gathering" by Pam Buda is full of fantastic small prints, all in two of our all time favourite colours...with 14 deep delicious reds and 13 great honey beiges this range is just a wonderful collection of prints we would love to use.

 The 1/8 pack would be a wonderful addition to any sewing is always great to have a supply of great reds and creamy beiges on hand, the 1/8 pack is $81.00 for all 27 prints and if you would like a closer look at the whole range they are on our website.

Thanks today goes to Kerry for a fantastic show and tell....there is a little boy out there that is going to be so happy to receive this gift....isn't it the very best little boys quilt.  Kerry we love those dinosours, thank you for bring your quilt in to share with us is great quilt...we smile just looking at it.

We have great new LED  lamps in stock.  As well as the ever popular, portable and rechargeable LED lamp that we stock we now have 2 LED table top lamps, one a regular adjustable desk lamp and one with a flexible gooseneck and a great organiser at the lamp base.  Both throw a cool white light that is perfect for colour matching.

Portable LED light $34.95
Desk Lamp $44.00

Goose Neck Lamp $38.50
These lamps are Sammy's recommendation for a fantastic Christmas gift but once again he is way too busy to pose....he is off on deliveries with his Dad Kurt....out on the wide open road with the wind in his hair.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone...hope everyone enjoys lots and lots of  lovely sewing  time.


  1. Wow! That is fantastic. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. This is from Ann on holiday in South Africa!!! xxxx

  2. I can't believe they didn't have a cameo role for our Sammy!

  3. Had to get my Sammy fix! Adorable!

  4. What a job that must have been to empty the shop.....Hope they helped AND with putting everything back.