Tuesday 9 December 2014

3 Cheers for Vera.

Just look what Vera brought us for show and tell yesterday...can you believe it, finished, quilted and bound...the very first finished Mountmellick to come visiting.  Vera did her own quilting and it is stunning, what a fantastic quilt, so pretty..thank you for bringing your finished quilt to show us Vera....3 cheers Vera.

We hope that Vera's Mountmellick quilt is the first of many that we can share for show and tell, we look forward to seeing lots of them as you all finish of your mystery block of the month for 2014.  And this is a great time to thank Di Ford for her wonderful pattern and all the fun we have had throughout the year making this beautiful quilt.

Good grief....we are of course all meant to be thinking of buying gifts for our friends and loved ones over the festive season...but we think this stunning new range may be a gift we just have to give ourselves. "Threads of Time" is a big range, 44 in total and every single print in this range is a stunner...lots of beautiful small reproduction prints in dusty but intense reproduction colours....we could rave on about this range but just feast your eyes and you will see what we mean.

1/8 packs have all 44 prints for $132.00......and Santa, if your are reading this, an 1/8 pack would fit beautifully in a stocking.

Last Saturdays CAG meeting, our last meeting for 2014 was full of festive spirit and heaps of laughter and fun.

 Erica took out the prize for the best festive head wear with a fabulous Aussie Christmas hat but the room was full of a wonderful headwear....

Thank you to all our CAG members for a whole year of fun...thank you all for your great company and generosity through out the year, we look forward to another wonderful year of quilty fun in 2015.

Look at these amazing greeting cards and gift tags we have in the shop for Christmas....they are so special, simply stunning and any of your quilting friends would be thrilled to receive one of these cards.  The cards are $11.50 each and the gift tags are $8.00 for six adorable, funny cards.

Sammy says these cards are the perfect way to send your Christmas greetings ...he was way too busy to pose with his daily gift suggestion, he has a good spot near the door, just perfect for collecting pats, and he just couldn't be moved.

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