Friday 31 October 2014

Big Really is Beautiful.

Yes...big is beautiful and "Community" by Howard Marcus is a big range, 40 gorgeous pieces...and boy is it beautiful.  It will make you go weak at the knees.....truly, it is gorgeous.  The minute we set eyes on "Community" we started to swoon and we are sure you will too as you feast your eyes on these absolutely divine prints and colours.

There are 40 fabrics in the range and each and every one of them is a stunner.  The range gives us beautiful intense deep reds, dusty soft browns, light mustards and creamy light taupes and the most delicious dusty aquas.
This range is $22.00 mt and the most gorgeous 1/8 packs that you will ever be tempted by are $120.00 for all 40 prints. If you would like an up close look at all 40 they are on our website.

A huge thank you once again to Joy for our show and tell today....Joy makes the most beautiful quilts and always has the most amazing way with colour...thanks for sharing Joy...your quilts are always lovely and we are so glad you bring them to show us.

We are still all in a tizzy about the gorgeous new fabric but we found Sammy sitting right by a bolt of the great border print, "Mill Works" that arrived last week so it seems that this fabric is definitely Sammy's pick of the week.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, we hope you all get lots and lots of sewing time.

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Fun for All.

We don't know what to tell you about our Spring Fling except to say that we all had the most wonderful day and our thanks go out to everyone that attended and helped make it such a fantastic day...
We talked and laughed all day...and even managed to get a little bit of sewing done as well.

We had some amazing table decorations, the winners of the best table decoration were the ladies that brought us a table full of spring birdies....but all the decorated tables we wonderful.

The best part of the day were the visits from Molly and Myrtle Stewart who had quizzes for us on all the domestic issues a good 1960s housewife needed to know and some questions for those of us that done care for domestic skills at all.....Thank You Molly and Myrtle, you made our day.

Thank You also to all our lovely helpers on Saturday that made sure that everything ran smoothly.
We hope that every one enjoyed the Spring Fling as much as we did.
We celebrated Kurt's Birthday by singing a very loud and totally in tune "Happy Birthday" and Kurt made us some of his famous Angel Food birthday cakes for a dessert treat.

It wouldn't be a fabulous sewing day with out some amazing show and tell and we had a succession of amazing quilts to enjoy....too many for us to show all of them but here are just a few to share.Our thanks to everyone that brought along their show and inspires us all.

Now, take a deep breath and look at this fantastic border print delivered goodness, just think of all the things we are going to be able to do with this great print.

 "Mill Works" by Nancy Rink comes with this fabulous border print and a range full of great small prints in coordinating is $23.50 a mt and these delicious fat 1/8 packs of all 19 are $57.00

Sammy worked hard in the shop while we were having such a great time on Saturday but he did make a guest appearance at our Spring Fling...he was chatting to friends from his van window while Kurt made his Birthday Cake delivery and he loved all the pats he received.

Friday 24 October 2014

Today's Blog is Brought To You by The Letter H.

Yes....Hexagons, hexagons hexagons....we have all gone mad for hexagons.  We are all looking forward to a fabulous day tomorrow as we all gather together for our Spring Fling.  We already know that it will be a  huge day full of all sorts of fun, and hopefully some great photos for you next week of some of the fun.

In the goody bag everyone will receive on arrival tomorrow, will be three new patterns and starter packs for some small projects...and yes, you guessed it....they are all using hexagons...well of course.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree Notebook Cover by Corliss Searcey.

From Corliss we have this simply beautiful notebook cover, lots of great Hexagon sewing and a beautiful stichery for us to do as well...when this project is finished it will fit an A4 notebook....a very stylish way to keep all your design ideas and sewing notes in one place.

The Victorian Hexagon Bag by Virginia Enright.
From Virginia Enright we have the prettiest zip purse you will ever see....more gorgeous hexagons to piece using all your favorite colours... This bag is the perfect size for all our favorite sewing tools..and lots more besides...but be warned , if your friends know you have made this bag they will want you to make one for them too.

Annabelle's Handy Bag.
Annabelle's bag is designed to carry a medium sized plastic has carry handles so it will be great for just picking up your latest project and sewing where ever you find yourself....we all love a good container for our hexagons and at the moment we have a fantastic container in the shop...perfect divisions to separate colours and store lots of  hexagons ready for sewing and room for lots of sewing tools as well....and yes, this container does fit very nicely in Annabelles handy bag.

We have definitely saved the best for last...not only are we looking forward to our spring fling for hours of guaranteed fun but the big news of the day is the launch of Megan's newest quilt and pattern..."The Mary Stubbs Quilt".

The Mary Stubbs Quilt by Megan Carroll
Wow...this photo says it all...we can't wait to get our hands on this pattern.  Megan's quilt is named after Mrs Mary Stubbs of Harcourt, a local identity of the Harcourt Valley in Victoria, where Megan lives.  This quilt combines 19 th century design influences with beautiful  reproduction fabrics resulting in an antique style quilt befitting the great Mrs Mary Stubbs herself.

Megan's latest pattern is $35.00 and the starter packs with 60 fat 1/6 s of fabric, chosen by Megan in the colours used in her quilt is $95.00...
Megan has worked well into the night many times to have this quilt ready for us to enjoy...Congratulations Megan, your quilt is stunning.
All of our new patterns are available for sale and will be on our web site on next week.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend and we hope you all get lots of sewing time....maybe even sewing some hexagons. You can see that Sammy is in a hexagon mood along with the rest of us...but he thinks Corliss's hexagon notebook will be just perfect for his favorite doggy treat recipes.

Tuesday 21 October 2014

More Fussy Cutting Fun.

Well good grief, more totally tempting, gorgeous fabrics today....with extra temptation for lovers of fussy cutting....just look at this wonderful new range from Jo Morton.  "Caswell County" is full of wonderful rich colours, great small prints, some beautiful stipe prints...paisleys and two stunning paisley border always, if you can't decide on which prints you would like we have 1/8 packs of all 19 prints for $57.00.

We always know that some great fabric is on the way when there is a new Jo Morton range available and this range is no exception.

This is another sneak peak at one of the small projects on offer at next a weeks Spring Fling...our 12 hours of sewing fun next Saturday 25th October.  The Victorian Hexagon Bag by Virgina Enright is an absolutely gorgeous little bag and is one of the free patterns and kits that you will receive on the day....still a few places left if you would like to join promises to be a fun day.

A big thank you today to Sharon for this sensational show and tell...this is Sharon's version of Corliss's English Basket Quilt.  Sharon has chosen this stunning hexagon border for her quilt and it makes the whole quilt sing...congratulations Sharon, your quilt is beautiful, we love it.

Can you tell by the look on Sammy's face that we have something really yummy for morning tea today.
It is hard to refuse those big brown eyes.

Friday 17 October 2014

A Really Lovely Visit.

We always love it when our friend Chris Colivizza visits us at the shop and she brought a special surprise with her when she called into Threadbear on Thursday morning...Chris brought her friend Patty Harrant into the shop to check out all the fabric and fun at Threadbear and we were all very excited to meet her.
We know that Patty has been very busy on her trip to Australia so we were thrilled that she was able to come in and say was lovely to meet you Patty.

A big thank you today to Sue for some great show and tell...Sue made this fantastic quilt using Threadbear's wonderful scrap bags....scrap bags are great fun and a great way of getting small quantities of lots of different fabrics....if you have ever treated yourself to one of our great scrap bags you will know the thrill of opening up the bag and seeing the treasure inside...what a wonderful scrappy quilt you have made Sue.

Oh good make a cup of tea and sit down to look at this gorgeous is beautiful.  My goodness, fussy cutters get ready, can you imagine what  you can do with this collection of tempting fabrics.  "Rue Indienne" is from French General, it is $23.00 mt.  There are also two blenders not pictured, and we have 1/8 packs of all 11 for $, it is pretty nice isn't it.

We would like to say a big welcome to all the ladies from Essendon Quilters who are in town for their annual retreat...we all know what fun a sewing weekend away with friends can be....we hope you all have a wonderful weekend ladies.

We have had a busy week in the shop this week...and Sammy has been there to help us with all of our chores...although he does have a bit of a Friday look on his face today....and he needs to rest up and get ready for another big weekend in the shop.

If you are coming to Castlemaine this weekend for the Goldfield Quilters Show at St Mary's Hall, make sure you come into the shop and say hello, we would love to see you...and Sammy will be here to greet you.
Have a great weekend everyone....happy sewing to all.