Friday 28 February 2014

Bits and Pieces.

We don't have a new fabric range to show you today but we do have some very yummy bits and pieces, and they are all pretty nice.

We have had lots of enquiries about this second fabric and we told every one that we had sold out..."oh no", we said..."there is no more of that fabric" we said....well, we lied because look...a whole new bolt has arrived....if you are one of the many out there that we lied to just ring us at the shop and we will arrange to send you some.

We lied about the Block of the Month too...

Di Ford's Mystery Block of the Month, "Mountmellick"., through  Quiltmania magazine, is well underway and we have finally completed our first mail out...BUT...we do have extra places to offer...if anyone missed out, or is only now wishing they could join in to make Di's gorgeous quilt just call us, or email us at the shop and we will sign you up.

It is so nice to have Megan Carroll's beautiful "Eliza's Irish Medallion" hanging in the shop again...we always have patterns for this gorgeous quilt but we haven't had it hanging in the shop for a while now and it is so lovely to see it every day.....if you visit us at the shop make sure you have a sticky beak at Megan's stunning Broderie Perse centre and the beautiful appliquéd borders.

This big empty box means that the post has gone and all the block of the month parcels have left the is sure to fill up again by next week as we send out parcels to all those on the waiting list....mean time it seems like a good spot for Sammy to keep his eye on things...he likes to make sure everything is done properly at Threadbear.
Have a wonderful weekend every one and of course we hope you all get lots of sewing done.  We welcome Autumn this weekend...perfect weather for sewing.

Tuesday 25 February 2014


Boy....did we have fun on Saturday...thank you to all the CAG members who joined us on Saturday, and made the day such jolly good fun.

It was a fantastic day,  with a really great group lovely ladies sitting, sewing and chatting.  We hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

Thank you so much to Michelle Yeo for being our guest speaker and for risking an RSI injury signing so many copies of her fantastic new book "Of Needle, Thimble and Thread".

We had some great show and tell on Saturday. Thank you Ladies, for sharing so we could all have a good sticky beak at some great quilts.

Felicity's quilt...using up the stash.
Erica's stunning stars.
Merri's breathtaking "Antique Wedding Sampler Revisited" by Di Ford.
Now all that remains is to sit back and wait for our super sized show and tell, CAG's first ever exhibition on the week end of March 15th and 16th.  Thank you to all the CAG members that have distributed our advertising flyers far and wide...even Instagram and Facebook are helping spread the word.

We have another great Quiltmania book from another talented Australian designer to look at today.  Fans of Anni Downs will want this book for sure.  "The Home Patch" by Anni Downs is full of the most wonderful projects, both large and small.

 Anni,s projects are always full of fun and whimsy, and this book is packed full of gorgeous quilts and lots of small projects that are sure to tempt. you think it is too soon to talk about Easter, because we have a collection of the cutest Easter tins, and they have absolutely no calories.

These tins will make great Easter gifts for all your sewing buddies...if you are a true friend well then you will fill them with chocolates but if sense prevails they would be equally as cute with some fabric or thread inside.

Sammy had a huge weekend and is still resting after his busy Saturday..he worked his tail off greeting all the CAG ladies and making them feel he is just needs to chill.

Friday 21 February 2014

Celebrity Sighting...Gerry is Here.

Well we are barely over the excitement of last weekends Applique School and now here we are getting ready for this weekends meeting of the Castlemaine Appliqué School, so it promises to be another fantastic weekend.
Saturdays meeting will be all about Michell Yeo, it will be a celebration of the release of Michelle's new book, "Of  Needle, Thimble and Thread" and all of Michelle's fellow CAG members will be there to help her celebrate....Michelle is our guest speaker on Saturday and will also be on hand to sign copies of her book for all of us that have already snapped up a copy.

Michelle will take time out from the CAG meeting, to be in the shop between 2.00 and 3.00 to sign copies of her book for anyone that would like to come along.
This will be the last meeting of CAG before our quilt show in March, so as you can imagine there will be lots of excitement, lots of chit chat and lots of last minute planning.
Now don't if anyone could have missed our constant reminders about the quilt show on March 15th & 16th...but here is just one more reminder, if you haven't saved the date yet well get your diary out right now and pencil it in, because you won't want to miss all the fun of the quilt show.

Gerry recommends a visit to the Quilt Exhibition as a great day out for you and all your sewing buddies.

Thank you so much to Jo for today's "Show and Tell"....this photo really doesn't do this increadable quilt the justice it deserves...there is so much detail in all of these tiny little birds...all sorts of amazing embroidery and embellishments.

Jo made this quilt as a block of the month from Sue Spargo...If  love Sue Spargo's style then you will love her book, "Contempory Folk...full of quilts and small projects and lots of gorgeous little birdies.

Good grief, more gorgeous fabric today...another stunning floral and a brilliant border print..."Northgate Manor" from Maywood will just be itching to get your scissors into these great prints.

And two divine toiles...this gorgeous blue bird toile, "Garden of Enchantment" from Maywood Studio
And even more birds...

We have had this truly stunning red bird toile, "Jolie", by Anna Griffin, a few months ago and it sold out in the click of a finger, so we were very happy to get some more....ooooohh, they are both so nice.

Poor Sammy has spent the whole week up to his curly ears in fabric as we packed up the Block of the Month parcels.  They have all been sent out now so Sammy will just have time for a quick Friday snooze before it is time to great all his CAG  friends.

Have a great weekend everyone and we hope you all get lots and lots of sewing time.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Warning.....Long Blog Today.

Wow, we have just had the most fantastic weekend with the first of our Appliqué Schools, held on Saturday and Sunday.

The first thing to do is thank everyone who attended over the weekend for making the classes such was a weekend full of happy lovely ladies and lots of laughs...a special thank you to all of you that travelled long distances to join the fun and we hope everyone enjoyed Appliqué School as much as we did.  We also want to thank our two absolutely amazing,fantastic,generous and all round brilliant teachers, Di Ford Hall and Margaret McDonald for all the skills and inspiration they shared with us all over the weekend.

And more thanks, to Petra Prins for taking time out of her Australian holiday to join us for the weekend...Petra, it was wonderful to have you at Threadbear, thanks for joining in the classes and for taking time to sign your books for so many of was great spending time with you. We wish you a safe trip home and hope it is not too long before we see you again.

 Of course Sammy was on hand to help our international guest with her book signing.

We also had a visit from Michelle Yeo with her stunning new book,"Of Needle, Thimble and Thread", hot off the press and just released.

This is the first chance we all had to get a glimpse of this newest Quiltmania publication and we practically snatched it out of Michelle's hands to have a look. Thank goodness our order has just arrived because we just couldn't wait any longer to get our hands on this stunning is on our web site now or you can just ring us at the shop if you would like your very own copy.

 If you would like to meet Michelle and have her sign a copy of her amazing new book, bursting at the seams with fantastic projects, then come along to Threadbear this Saturday, 22nd of February...Michelle will be in the shop between 2.00 and 3.00 signing copies of her book and all are welcome.

We were all so thrilled for the opportunity to see this fantastic photo, three greats friends to Threadbear, and three very special authors, all together with their books on Saturday at Applique special is that...thank you Di, Petra and Michelle for sharing our weekend.

Now...we must tell you about the final celebrity guest that spent time with us this weekend.

We were thrilled to have a visit to the shop from Lenny who had popped in to get some fabric for a new bow pups always shop at Threadbear when the need fabric for new collars and bow ties. are you sitting down...because you will swoon with delight when you see this sensational range, newly arrived to the goodness, just have a look at this is stunning.

 This range has four fantastic signature prints in two colour ways and a great collection of beautiful prints as well.  This is Romantic Renaissance  from Molly b studios...and as always if you would like a little bit of all of them we had 1/8 packs of all 23 fabrics for $69.00.

No time to rest after our big weekend,  it is time for more fun with beautiful is all hands on deck now as we finally prepare to send out the first issue of Di fords mystery block of the month.. thank you to everyone for their patience while we struggled to get our fabrics from overseas keep your eye out for the postman.