Friday 14 November 2014

OH MY!!!!

Today it is all about the fabric....all we can talk about is our latest delivery "Hearts Content" by Laundry Basket Quilts from Moda.  From the very second this fabric came out of the boxes we fell in love with this stunning range. It is full of wonderful prints....beautiful florals, paisleys, spots, lovely little shirting prints and soft pretty all over patterns...all in rich beautiful colours....ooooh so lovely.

It is quite a large range and will be on the website early next week, if you can't wait to order online you can call or email us at the shop....and as always, if you love this range as much as we do then you will be pleased to know we have gorgeous1/8 packs of all 28 for $84.00.

Here at Threadbear we are all celebrating with Megan as she welcomes two new beautiful young alpacas to her property.  Megan already has three of these beautiful creatures and now she is joined by Fedi and Lilah....good grief , how cute are they.....lucky Megan gets to go home from work each night and chat with these cute little fellas.

Sammy sends his weekend greetings to all, but he did look less than impressed when we suggested he help with a bit of yard work in our looks like he would much rather be indoors greeting customers and getting pats.
 We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always we hope you all get lots and lots of great sewing time over the weekend.

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  1. I just love the Alpacas. Young ones are always so cute. And so is the fabric. So sorry Ican't keep on buying.