Friday 7 November 2014

Bad News,aaww...Good News,Yay...

We had the very bad news early in the week that the fabulous Quiltmania publication, "Millefiori Quilts" by Willyne Hammerstein is now out of print...good grief, bad news indeed because it is the most wonderful book and we still have so many of you wanting a copy.....

Well, hoorah, we have now had the good news from Quiltmania that there will be another print run of this great book...we are thinking it will be at least three weeks away but if you had asked us about a copy and we had said no, please just phone us at the shop or send us an email and we can send you a copy as soon as they arrive.

If you like something a little pale and interesting you will love this new range, "Gatsby's Flora" by Anna Fishkin.  The range is full if soft snowy colours, the palest blues and greys, with pretty paisleys and soft rosy florals, and a great range of small print blenders.

And we have this divine, one off Paisley.... "Gramercy"..... Not much more to say about this great print, except, Fussy Cutters get your scissors ready for some is not on our website but it is $23.50 mt and you can call us or email us if you would like some.

Thank you so much to Lynn for sharing her wonderful Caswell Quilt top for us to all admire...Lynn, wow, what a stunning job you have done..your applique and beautiful colours have made the most stunning quilt make us all want to go home and get sewing.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend....and as always we hope everyone has lots of sewing time...

If you are thinking of a weekend drive to Castlemaine to enjoy the beautiful spring weather
Sammy will be in the shop to welcome you...he has been practising  his "please pat me" look.....we think he has nailed it.

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  1. I would love to pat Sammy....but I'm in the Holland, Ohio USA.
    Beautiful Caswell Quilt.