Friday 14 March 2014


Well excitement is at fever pitch now....we are a little bit like children on Christmas much to look forward to this weekend.....and maybe just a tiny bit of chaos thrown in for good measure.
We are already greeting friends at the shop, and is great to know that we get to spend the entire weekend with lots and lots happy can't ask for anything better than that.
As well as welcoming everyone arriving for the Quilt Exhibition, we would also like to welcome everyone arriving for applique school tomorrow and a big welcome to our wonderful teachers Margaret McDonald and Di Ford.

So, as if too much excitement is not enough we also had our delivery man bring us some more gorgeous Petra Prins and Nel Kooiman goodness.....look...just look...what came out of the box first.....who is not going to love this divine, and totally useable border print.

We have all seen Petra and Nel's gorgeous Dutch chintz before but we are still pretty excited to have an extra delivery and this time they came along with companion blenders, and the colours of these blenders are stunning.

Do you ever worry that your list of "must do" quilts is growing longer all the time...well, if you do then this weekend will be no help at all.   Quilt shows always send us home brimming with inspiration, but as if that isn't enough Corliss and Megan both have new patterns in the shop this weekend and both their absolutely stunning quilts are hanging in the shop for us all to enjoy.....

"Beamish Scrapbag" by Corliss Searcy
"Elsternwick" by Megan Carroll
Now, just I case you have been living under a rock these past few months and don't know about our weekend plans, here it is just one last time.

We hope you can all join us over the weekend for all the fun that comes with a trip to a quilt show...please come and say hi to us at the shop and see Corliss and Megan's stunning new quilts.
We have had a busy week in lead up to the weekend but we have had all our vitamins and we are ready to you can see, Sammy is dealing with the chaos well.....he has taken his teddy and gone to sleep.

Have a great weekend everyone...if you are too far away to join us this weekend we promise you lots of photos next week, and to everyone else, please come and join us for all the fun.


  1. Oh to live in Australia, what a wonderful weekend you are going to have. I am pea green with envy, all that gorgeous applique on show, and threadbear to visit as a bonus.

  2. Oh to live in Australia, what a wonderful weekend you are going to have. All that lovely applique, with Threadbear as a bonus. I am pea green with envy.

  3. Yes, from the other side of the world it`s really to far away for me, to join you this weekend!! Ashame!! But I always like your pictures and in fact to patch and quilting, is without borders!!
    Have a nice weekend and a hug for Sammy, many regards Sylvia (The Netherlands).