Friday 21 March 2014


Today we are just shouting out loud....THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU.
Thank You to absolutely everyone....
Thanks to every single person that came along to the Quilt exhibition and joined in all the fun..and thank you to everyone that came to visit us at the was wonderful to meet so many of you and put lots of faces to names. Thank you to everyone that travelled long distances to join us for the was wonderful to see you all.
Thank You to everyone that bought raffle tickets over the weekend to add to the amount raised for Wangaratta Health.
Thank you to  the amazing set up team that did such a brilliant job in preparing the venue and hanging the quilts, and thanks go to Kurt, the students from Castlemaine Secondary College and assorted husbands that came to offer us extra muscle on set up day.
Thank you CAG members, each and everyone of you, for your talent and generosity in sharing your quilts, all your enthusiasm and hard work in making the quilt show come together and for all the generous donations of fabrics, haby and books for our Quilters Mystery Box raffle.
Thank you to all the people that have sent us such wonderful, supportive, happy emails and thank you for all the wonderful comments left on our blog from those of you too far away for a visit in person.
Thank you to all the totally fantastic, tireless, wonderful volunteers who helped to made the weekend such a success.
Thank you also to Di Ford and Margaret McDonald, our two wonderful teachers for a great day had by all that attended Appliqué School on Saturday.  So.....thank you everyone.

Ok...and now some photos for us all to feast our eyes on.  We cant keep using the same adjectives over and over, so we will just say it once for all the quilts pictured....beautiful, stunning, wonderful, amazing, fantastic and just plain gorgeous.

"Jess and Sam's Art Deco Quilt" by Sue Delves..Pattern not available.
 "  A Bride Quilt fo Jane Burden" by Jude Liebmann 
"Homage to Mary Brown" by Merri Garton
"Stars and Sprigs" by Sharon Wilkinson
"Home Sweet Home" by Barb Walker
Beautiful volunteers, Joy and Ann
"Friendship Garden" by Merin Menjivar and "Gypsy Jazzed" by Jan Frazer
More beautiful volunteers.
"Flourishes" by Glenys Clifford
"Clamshells and Friends" by Ann Ransom
"Antique Sampler" by Wendy Gleeson
"The Caswell Quilt" by Lyn Wright
And more beautiful volunteers, Meghan and Merri.
"Phebe" by Ellen Walters

"Allen Manor" by Michelle Chan

We will have more quilt show photos for you next week, the loveliness just goes on and on and there are far too many photos for one blog post.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we hope you are all inspired by these beautiful quilts and get lots and lots of sewing time this weekend.

For Sammy the Quilt Exhibition was just an opportunity to socialize all weekend....he caught up with old friends and made lots of new friends...and loved every minute of the weekend....but he has been very tired at work this week.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous quilts in a perfect setting. I couldn't make the show so thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. It looks amazing!!! Wish I could have been there. Looks like a fabulous job done by all concerned. Well done.

  3. Oh My!!! Beautiful, beautiful quilts!!!! Thanks so very much for sharing your lovely pictures! Very talented quilters!!!

  4. It was a superb collection of quilts, and so beautifully displayed too. My husband and I came over from Ballarat, we both enjoyed it so much. Top marks to everyone involved.

  5. And big thank you in return, it was such an amazing inspirational exhibition.