Tuesday 25 March 2014

Toiles, Spots and Stripes.

If you love toiles or just love gorgeous soft but rich colours well take a seat for a while and look at these stunners.  This range is "Mas d'Ousvan" exclusively designed by Bruno Lamy, Paris....and includes toiles taken from authentic designs from the 17th to 19th century.  Just feast your eyes on these beautiful colours....soft blues and greys, the prettiest soft purple to complement the greys..and then there are soft pinks and an absolutely divine raspberry...oh how French...no wonder they are so beautiful.

We have a few more treats from the Quit Exhibition today...we will just show you a few quilts in each blog so no one misses out on seeing all the spectacular quilts that were on display.

"Baltimore" by Barb Walker
"Exquisite" by Joan Livingston
"Mrs Millers Journey" by Meghan Leslie
"Applique Basket Medallion" by Michelle Yeo

Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle prizes from last weeks Quilt Exhibition.  Thanks again to all the CAG members who generously donated goodies for the four Quilters Mystery Boxes. Lucky winners are
Mary Tigs
Barb Walker
Jane Howat and
Jacqui Anderson.
We also want to send a huge thank you to Simone who donated a wonderful prize pack of hand made jams and preserves...yum.  Sue Stubbs from NSW was the winner of this fantastic prize, but because of the cost of postage, kindly donated her prize back for a second draw....and the next name out of the hat was Di Ford....congratulations Di.

More folding to be done today....Sammy is not looking all that enthusiastic about it but that is probably because he just wants to get back outside and help himself to more grapes, straight of the vine.

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  1. Beautiful quilts!! Just a note about the grapes...I used to feed my dog grapes but my vet told me they can be harmful to dogs. You might want to limit, or discourage, that little cutie from them.