Tuesday 3 September 2013

Springtime For Sammy

Wow, "Dressing Gowns" by Judy Rothermel...all pictures and no words necessary really, they are just so darn pretty...makes you want them all.

Last week Corliss was guest speaker at Essendon Quilters night meeting and she came back to Threadbear with this wonderful photo to share with us.

 Janette Mcinnes had brought this quilt for show and tell and was happy for us to show it here.  Janette is hand quilting this antique quilt top full of stunning pieces of vintage fabrics, primarily 1930s prints but with some fabrics dating back to the 1800s...thanks Janette for the show and tell, it is wonderful to see old quilts and we can only imagine what a treat it must be to hand quilt such a piece of history.

We have been having perfect spring days here in Castlemaine, the sun is shining,the days are warm, flowers are popping up everywhere and the birds are singing in the trees.

And Sammy is busy climbing the trees....got to get those singing birds.

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