Tuesday 10 September 2013

Muffins Without The Calories and Mouthwatering Chintz Quilts

It is muffin baking time at Threadbear this week so our job is to turn lots and lots of fabric into tempting fabric muffins, in every colour you can think of...they are such a handy addition to the stash and just really pretty to have in the sewing room.

How fortuitous that Johanna came for a visit today with her amazing quilt for show and tell...Johanna has made this absolutely stunning quilt using Margaret McDonald's pattern, "Whirling Twirling", and she has made all the blocks using our calorie free muffins.  It is all hand pieced, and can you believe it, this is the first quilt Johanna has made...wow what a way to start.

We don't even have Sammy with us today to help with the folding as he is having a boys day out, helping Kurt with his deliveries.

 Kurt has just put another one of his sensational custom made kitchen benches in his shop..they are such stunning hand made benches and we know they are intended for the kitchen, but every time Kurt puts one of these benches in his shop our first thought is how well it would work in our sewing rooms...great granite top just right for a cutting mat and big deep drawers for fabric...really, where would you rather be...the kitchen or the sewing room...easy to answer to that question.

There always seems to be a new Quiltmania publication ready for us to lust after...so prepare to swoon because this next book is set to be a "must have" for us all.

Chintz Quilts From the Poos Collection by Kay and Lori Triplett and Xenia Cord is Quiltmania's newest book and if these little teasers are anything to go by we are in for a treat.

Another wonderful book with page after page of mouth watering chintz quilts from around the world. We have copies on order and due to be delivered to Threadbear in about a week.  To order your copy just call us at the shop or send us an email and we'll be sure to notify you as soon as it arrives....this is one not to be missed.

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