Friday 13 September 2013

Friday's Fabric

We have another newly delivered range to get excited about this week.  "Pin Money" by Pam Buda
for Marcus Fabrics.
It is a collection of 23 fantastic small, reproduction prints in a really great range of dusty tones.
You will love every single print in this range, there are deep, dusty pinks, murky greens, lovely soft blacks, as well as some mustards and soft browns, beautiful soft creams, reds, blues and two warm purples....oooohhhh, all so nice.

We are looking forwards to great weekend in the shop, with classes on both Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday our friend Di Ford will be here to teach "Miss Porter's" quilt,
and then, on Sunday we have our very own Megan teaching her beautiful "Miss Matty's Parlour.

With two such absolutely gorgeous quilts, plus great company, we are sure a good time will be had by all this weekend.

We are all excited by the latest addition to Megan's "farm" this week, with the delivery of 3 gorgeous, cuddly Alpacas.  They are meant to roam over Megan's 20 acres to help keep down the grass, but we think they are way too cute for that....surely with those big brown eyes they will become much loved family pets.

Our spring sunshine has deserted us and even Sammy is rugged up against the cold.  He is looking forward to getting plenty of pats from all his weekend classmates.

 Sammy would like to send a special cheerio to Janet.  Sammy was thrilled to received some wonderful fan mail from Janet this week.......Sammy says thanks for your email and he looks forward to seeing you at Threadbear one day Janet.

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