Thursday 18 May 2017

See you On LIne!

Welcome to our final blog post !  What fun we’ve had bringing you news from Threadbear, showing you all our latest fabrics and sharing hundreds of show and tell quilts from our talented customers and group members.  Of course, we’ve always known that Sammy is the real star of the blog thanks to so many of you who have told us how much you enjoy the weekly photos of him. We know of more than one quilting husband who checks the blog every week to see what Sam’s been up to! But it’s not goodbye because Threadbear will continue on Instagram and on Facebook and doubtless Sam will make an appearance there. 

On a personal note, I want to thank Corliss for the opportunities, guidance, support and friendship she has given me. I have been so blessed to come to work each day to the most supportive, inclusive, and inspiring workplace I have ever known.  There have been more wonderful customers than not, some really special and lasting friendships formed, and so many fabulous memories. It’s been a tonne of hard work, an absolute joy, and a whole lot of laughs! 

So for this last blog post, we thought we’d share with you what we fondly call “The List”The List came about only a couple of years ago as a way of capturing  some of the more unusual, strange, amusing, and outright hilarious requests or comments we have heard across Threadbear’s counter over the years. To fully appreciate The List, you need to visualize those photos we’ve shared on the blog of the shop with shelves and shelves of fabric, the walls lined with quilts, quilt patterns and books and bundles of fabric all around. Please also bear in mind the following:
  1.  Threadbear is a patchwork and quilting shop
  2.   We sell fabric
  3. The List is a true and factual document
  4. We sell fabric
Without further ado…we give you  The List ….. first, some of the unusual requests from customers;
“hello..I’d like to buy some puppet strings”
“Do you sell hand made bellows”
“do you have any of that decorative trim sort of stuff”
“where do you keep the light globes”?
“do you have any beading wire?”
“do you sell the material to make steel knives”
“Do you sell leather strapping / leather needles/ cow hides?”
“hi..where are your musical instruments?”
“I’d like some fabric with cow pats on it”
“I’ve come to buy an apron”
“I need 2 metres of shade cloth”
“hello…I’m looking for small pottery emulsion bottles”
“ do you sell furniture wax I for my bow and arrow?”
We’ve also heard some funny descriptions of fabric;
"I want xmas fabric with silver for my longitudinal hexacons"
“I love reproductive fabric”
“Can you show me the persie broderie fabrics.”
“I need some genuine frog fabric” ( what’s a genuine frog, we ask) “It’s a genuine frog, not a mickey mouse frog”
“I want a pink that would be raspberry if it wasn’t pink”

no really... seriously?
Then there have been some amusing descriptions of our quilts…
Customer looking at the Civil War Bride quilt says “hmmm, yes, that civil war bride. No wonder she never married, she’s so ugly.”
"We’re making Civil War Bride. Next we’re going to make that other one..that carpet thingamy” (aka Caswell Quilt)
Customer looking at the Caswell Quilt tells husband “ it’s one of those quilt as you go, williamy morrisy, panel thingys”  
Customer looking at Letters from Belton Grange, “ oh it’s so dull and drab and boring and the swan looks funny and the tree is weird. Nice quilt though”

what's a spoodle to do....
Then there have been the completely random requests….
A man came into the shop carrying 4 autumn leaves, walked straight up to the counter and  said ”could I have a rubber band to put around my autumn leaves please”, we obliged and he left!
A woman rushed up to the counter asking “do you have the clips that attach your fascinator to your head?”
And finally, my personal favourite - A man comes in the door, walks past rows and rows of fabric, comes to the counter and states “I’m here for my dental appointment”……..TRUE STORY!
Yes folks, it’s all true. We couldn’t make it up if we tried. 

Thanks for checking in with us each week for so many years.  Don't forget to continue to follow Threadbear on Instagram and Facebook and of course our Website with the on-line shop for all our patterns and selected fabrics.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have finally stopped laughing long enough to comment. We are a funny lot, we humans. Some of these are truly hard to believe, but oh so entertaining. Thanks for sharing. And just for the record, I don't see anything wrong with wanting fabric with cow pats or meadow muffins as we refer to them. Wink!

  2. LOL! Best of luck with transition to online, and hopefully some more free time to quilt and do what every you like? Look forward to watching Sammy on Instagram.

  3. It's been great being able to follow your blog - I am sure many others will miss you also.
    Sammy did show your quilts to perfection. I wish him a long and happy retirement!!

  4. Goodluck... Sad to see the blog go that's the end of thread bear for me as I don't do the other stuff. ......
    Amazing how stupid some people are...... Even when they walk into the shop and see fabric....

  5. I am rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, at The List! These are just too darn FUNNY!! I will miss your blog but I'm already following you on Instagram and I always look forward to seeing pictures of your amazing creativity and talents. Please show pictures of Sammie every once in awhile - I am absolutely in love with him!! Best of luck to you all and I wish you a wonderful, joyous retirement! Hugs from across The Pond.