Thursday 4 May 2017

End of an Era - almost

By now we're sure you will have heard the news that after 25 years in business, Corliss and Kurt have decided it's time to retire and enjoy a whole new future together.  So with a mix of excitement and great sadness, Threadbear is closing the doors on 20th May for the last time.  But, the great news is that Corliss will continue Threadbear Online- where you will still be able to get all of our original designs, favorite haberdashery, and a selection of Corliss' favorite fabrics.
Meantime, to clear the decks we are still having our Closing Down Sale with 40% off all stock (excluding patterns by Corliss & Megan, starter packs for those quilts, and Primarily Quilts II book).  While the shop is a shadow of its former self, we do still have one and a half rooms of great reproduction fabrics.  So if you are still thinking of making a trip to Castlemaine to see us, don't delay as every day we remove more shelving units as the fabric walks out the doors.
only 16 days left!!!.....
grab yourself a bargain - 40% off....

40% off Di Ford-Hall's fabrics

...and all our haby and books...
and DMC cotton at 40% off...

spots, dots, and stripes....

and great reproduction fabrics...
we still have a few background fabrics....

and Yuwa florals,
 Of course we will all miss seeing so many of our lovely customers, and no more so than Sammy, who is thoroughly unimpressed with the idea of not getting the attention and adoration to which he has become accustomed, but very excited at the prospect of more trips to the beach!


  1. I am thrilled that the online store will still be open! And although I will probably never actually make it across the Pond to Castlemaine, I hope that every now and then, there will be a bit of a mention of how Sammy is doing in retirement! He sure looks good on that beautiful beach carrying his ball :) I will miss seeing his lovely pictures!!

  2. Sure will miss you. Will be checking the online store for sure. As Tina said above, please mention Sammy now and then. Enjoy retirement.

  3. Sad to hear it. I was gonna get there someday.

  4. Your shop was one of my bucket list reasons to teturn to Australia...... enjoy your semi retirement.