Tuesday 24 June 2014

3 Cheers for Paula Barnes.

Three cheers for Paula Barnes....we have had a delivery this week of the fantastic "Paula Barnes Companions"....if you have enjoyed Paula Barnes great prints before you will be excited to see these fabrics back in stock...we received 28 of these great fabrics...they have such deep rich clear colours and provide us with pops of colour whenever we are needing rich reds, purples, blues...gorgeous cheddery pumpkins and great cream and brown prints...they are $21.00 and are on our website now.

Here is the last pattern sneak peak...

The final project of the three free patterns you will receive at our Midwinter Midday to Midnight sit and sew on the 19th of July...a little sewing bag that will fit your projects...ready to take along  to sewing days with friends.  We are really looking forward to all the fun this event will bring....we are now fully booked but the patterns will be available on our website by mid July and there will be lots of blog pics of all the fun.

It is a freezing cold, blustery rainy day in Castlemaine today...of course the heater is on and Sammy sure dosnt fancy any outdoor activities today but was very disappointed to hear that indoors it is paperwork all day today...oh no!

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