Tuesday 10 June 2014

Extra Special.

Last Saturday, June7th, was our regular meeting of the Castlemaine Appliqué Group (CAG), and as you would know by now, we always look forward to these meetings because we know that we are in for a day of warmth, friendship and fun, fun, fun...but my oh my, this CAG gathering was so much more for all who attended...it was a very special day.

Saturday's meeting gave us the chance to hand over a cheque for $10,000 to the Oncology Nurses from North East Health, Wangarratta, who joined us on Saturday....this was the money raised from CAG's first Quilt Exhibition in March this year.  Our contribution will purchase a new Day Treatment Chair as well as a new equipment trolley for the team and patients at North East Health's Oncology Unit. There were tears and hugs throughout the room as the cheque was presented to the four girls from Wangaratta ....and we all reflected on the difference this will make in the lives of so many.

Thanks once again to all those CAG members that worked so hard and volunteered their time to make the exhibition such a success...congratulations to you all..it was a mighty effort..and all we can say now is...can't wait for the next exhibition.

Thanks also go to Louiseann and Di for bringing along their absolutely gorgeous antique quilts to share with us all...after all the emotion of the cheque handover it was a fantastic way to end our meeting......who doesn't love to look at every tiny detail of stunning antique quilts and absorb themselves in the beautiful fabrics, and the tiny little stitches from the past.....they were beautiful quilts and we we're thrilled to be able to enjoy them.

Now....just have a look at this pretty, pretty appliqué....what a tempting little sneak peak it is to be sure......It is the centre block of small quilt ~ the start of just one of the three patterns you'll receive if you join the Threadbear girls for their Midday to Midnight on July 19th.  Email Threadbear on: info@threadbear for details.  

And how can we finish any chat about a meeting of CAG with out a photo of Sammy, sitting in his chair in the classroom just waiting for all the pats and cuddles he gets as he catches up with all his friends on CAG days....yes, we saw some beautiful antique quilts and handed over the money raised from CAG's first Quilt Exhibition...but for Sammy it's all about the pats.

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