Friday 18 October 2013

Pretty comes to Castlemaine.

We have had an absolute out break of prettiness at Threadbear.

 If you love pretty florals, or just love gorgeous fabrics, then this weeks delivery is for you.

All these beautiful fabrics are from Yuwa, Japanese fabrics well known for their stunning floral prints and beautiful quality fabrics.
And as if this feast of florals was not enough they arrived with this tempting collection of polka dots.

Sometimes when Kurt brings a new piece of his wonderful custom made furniture into his shop we love it so much we just have to show everyone, and we really love his new table.

We are sure Kurt doesn't make all his furniture with our sewing needs in mind but it would make a great side table for some hand sewing.  And while we were taking a quick photo of this great new table we had a celebrity sighting....We spotted Gerry Gee sitting up in one of Kurt's high chairs. Then things started to get way out of control....

Gerry Gee has been popping up all over the shop.  Seems he is making a take over bid, so if you are coming to the shop this weekend you may even be served by him.

Sammy was paying no attention to all the fun at Threadbear this week, he just found himself a nice spot in front of the heater for a lovely long snooze...seems like a pretty good idea.

Wishing every one a very happy weekend with lots of relaxing sewing time.


  1. LOL! Gerry Gee! Now I know who Uncle Kurt was referring to! Love the blog, happy birthday weekend Kurtie!

  2. Lol! Gerry Gee! Now I know who Uncle Kurt was referring to! Love the blog and all of the pics! Happy birthday weekend, Kurt!