Tuesday 1 October 2013

Good Grief, it is SO Windy.

It is wild and windy here in Victoria this week so there is nothing else for it, we will all just have to stay indoors and sew.  It is lucky Kurt took this photo of Sammy, soaking up the sunshine and admiring the blossom, because there will be very little blossom left after the windy days we have had this week.

New fabrics delivered this week include six great fabrics from the "Briarcliff" range and three extras, not from the same range, but included because of their great colours.

Our "Briarcliff" fabrics are all small to medium prints and you will love them for their deep intense colours.  All these prints are deep rich tones and all would be great when you need a real pop of colour.
Our extra three prints are a great gold, a nice dusty purple and a soft teal...all very handy for the stash.

And we have another great new book to look at today, "The Blue and the Gray, Quilt Patterns using Civil War Fabrics", by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene.  There 18 fantastic patterns for scrappy quilts, all using Civil War reproduction fabrics, and once again, this is a book full of inspriation.

 Sammy is ready and waiting at the shop door because he knows we are getting reading for another gathering of the Castlemaine Applique Group this coming Saturday.

That means lots of fun for everyone, and some great photos to share next week.  But for Sammy that means catching up with lots of friends and lots of pats, hugs and cuddles.


  1. Can't wait to see you on Saturday Sammy!

  2. Wish I could come Saturday. I received my Primarily Quilts today, thanks!