Tuesday 23 July 2013

Lost treasure revealed

There has been lots of lifting, carrying, & moving things around this week at Threadbear as we pack for our trip to the Melbourne show, and....low and behold...look what has revealed itself amongst the mound of boxes.  Do you remember this fabulous John Hewson panel...no longer available, so this is a very rare find indeed...and we found nearly a full bolt that we didn't know we had.  It won't be on our web site but if you would like some just ring or email us at the shop to reserve a panel..a panel consists of two prints. 60cms in length and it is $10.80 per panel.

Kurt and Sammy have been working so hard all morning to get everything packed and we are now ready to head off to the Melbourne Quilt and Craft Fair...we have cut and packed loads and loads of fabrics and we have four new quilts that we can't wait to show you so we hope that you will all come and say hello to us at stand D18 from Thursday 25th through to Sunday 28th July.
Catching up with so many of you makes this such a fun event for us....so see you all there.

Are we there yet..are we there yet???

And if you can't make it to the show, well don't worry because Threadbear will still be open all weekend and we will make sure that we take lots of photos of the show to share with you, so no one misses out on the fun.

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